Review for Bittersweet Youth

Bittersweet Youth

(#) xXzoegoesrawrXx 2011-06-03

A name: Kori
A few key personality traits: charismatic, easy-going, likes making people feel awkward/uncomfortable for her personal amusement, tends to be apathetic and hides her feelings, learns things easily but hates school anyway
Something INTERESTING about him/her: She taught herself to play guitar and keeps a secret journal full of songs behind some books on the bookshelf in her room.
Any siblings: older brother
General likes: Anime, music, Doctor Who, dancing, mild obsession with el chupacabra, candy, dinosaurs
Dislikes: fake people, when her Asian mother is being “Asian”, or overly-conservative (no offense to the Asians!), drugs, homophobes & racism (of course)
Anything you feel is important: Her mom is Filipino and her father is black, she has a slight fear of statues, she wears glasses (but they look super cool on her!), she has purple streaks in her hair, she has double labrets but hides them from her mom, she’s kinda short and a RAGING Doctor Who fan.