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Nuts and bolts

(#) andreajp 2011-06-08

I loved every sentence of it. Steam punk has always fascinated me ever since I saw a steam punk computer (nerd much AJ). Anybody that doesn't know what steam punk is all about don't knock it til you actually get it. So you have successfully mixed to things I love to look at and wish I had, stream punk stuff, and MCR.(Yes I want to collect the members... Stop starring at me)

And by the way Rachel my dear, please for the love of me reading this without freaking the fuck out, keep the clowns if there is any to a minimum, unless they're awesome like Ray as a clown, not so scary anything that resembles Pennywise, I will cut you.

Can't wait to read the next chapter, and yet another Frerard addiction begin. ^_^

Words are fun!

Author's response

Hey, it's not nerdy, who doesn't love a bit of steampunk? ;D I saw a steampunk ladybird once... best. thing. ever! xD And whilst we're talking of best things ever, who wouldn't want the members of mcr!? I mean really? xD
And don't worrryy, there will be clowns but they're gonna be extra special. I don't think steampunk clowns would look anything like Pennywise so... please don't cut me xD
Next chapter will be up soon enough, just not this weekend cos' I'ma going to download festivaal! :DD
Words are so fun! :D