Review for Hold your breath, kid!

Hold your breath, kid!

(#) comatosejoyx 2011-06-09

I am reviewing your work, not you. I wasn't rude to you personally or even your story, I gave my opinion on what I felt while I was reading, which is what reviews are about. I don't see how I was being immature about your work and yeah, I could've been nicer if your story warranted it. You obviously don't take criticism well and I don't see how I used an incorrect manner. I didn't say I hated the story, I'm just giving my opinion on things you can work on to make your next story better. If you're going to take things that personally and do not want honest opinions, good and bad, then you shouldn't put your stories out for people to judge and review. I'm not saying you should never write again or that you shouldn't enjoy writing.

Author's response

yeah i know, it just felt like to me that you were taking a punch at me. You were say 'this author' instead of talking to me. Aswell as that i didn't actually like this story half way through XD i just kept on as people told me to, thats why i went with the whole 'if there is a mistake, deal with it' attitude, i didn't like this work. Though i have to say, this story is long gone and yeah i probs need to work on more of my grammar who doesn't. Just saying that if you look at my other stories you will see how i have improved.
Also on the computer you can never tell what way the person is taking it, if they are trying to be nice and helpfull or being mean y'know? thats why it's usefull to use emoticons and stuff so i knew you were trying to give me your opinion fairly and helping me :)
now i know your were giving your opp it's fine, maybe you should of checked my recent work though. Then you would of never even had to review this crap story XD lol

anyway all cool now :)