Review for Don't Stop If I Fall And Don't Look Back

Don't Stop If I Fall And Don't Look Back

(#) emocutter91 2011-06-09

holy fucking hell...
Gee is present-day Gerard
Gerard is 'old' Gerard
This is sick and I love it:) gotta say though, you kinda scared me for a moment, because I thought 'old' Gerard was gonna rape 'present day' Gee. I was like 'if you touch him... I mean, yourself.. I mean... The fuck?'
This is like the one of the most original things I ever read anywhere!
Uh, would it be weird that I want Gee to comfort Gerard? Even though Gee is hurt physically, emotional is worse, and I feel strange for saying that I don't want Gerard or Gee to feel in pain, especially emotionally.
I knew that would sound strange...
I can't wait for the update:) xoxo Jamie

Author's response

Thank You :D

sorry if this is all really confusing but i'm a confusing person so i think its perfectly normal in a fucked up sort of way :)

I can't promise this story has a happy ending though

More updates soon, i just have to use Google translate for my Spanish exam first then i'm off to do the next chapter :)