Review for MCR Bible/Comandments

MCR Bible/Comandments

(#) killjoy4life 2011-06-09

lol i fnd those commandments on youtube ad i wrote them in my notebook that i caryy eerywhere with me,i even have it right now holds up black notebook and i lashed out when the news started talking about 'frerard'a couple years was hilarious to my mom(until i explaine what 'frerard' was when she saw the pictureXD) i was eating popcorn,having a MCR fantasy that i shall not go into detail about (Dont get dirty mindd cuz it wasnt lik tht) and all of a sudden the reporter says somthing like "blah blah blah frerard.." and i fell out of my lazyboy chair ,hit the floor,went insane looking for the remote,then turned up the volume so loud i swear the neibors head it XD lolz sorry this was so long