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MCR Bible/Comandments

(#) _Amy_Revenge_ 2011-06-09

The first part was here on ficwad a year or two ago.

So, my best friend and I are going to go a day quoting lyrics instead of actually speaking (you know, singing as opposed to..yeah) and she will be quoting Lady Gaga, and I will be quoting drum roll please My Chemical Romance. I'm a little worried. Aaaand the first to not speak in quotes has to run down the street naked ._. I'm so fucked.. screwed, I meant screwed.. Fuck is a bad word. Oh. Whoops~


Author's response

Good luck with the song quote thing. At least you have a good artist to quote. No offence to anyone who likes Gaga, just not what I like. And yeah, I kinda guess it probably would be on here already, but my friend kept bugging me to put it on, so...yeah. XOXODakota