Review for Not Good Enough

Not Good Enough

(#) emocutter91 2011-06-09

shit now my lips taste all salty from the tears pouring down my face.
Beautifully, tragically, hopelessly sad.
Beautiful applies to every one of your fics I've been able to read thus far, tragically and sad to most, hopelessly to just this one so far, though it applied to Falling when you had it as a one-shot.
Fuck and I think I've read that somewhere, too, about Gerard being contradictive and I believe they mentioned "hypocritical" as well.
I love Frankie to death, and I love Ray to death, and Mikey, and Bob ( I miss him! ), and of course Gerard; the dudes save lives by simply keeping you at a safer level of sanity... Except for the wife- and kid-haters who seem to be heterophobic.
I wrote a "hate letter" to those certain fans I may actually post it........ Anyways sorry for spamming your review, but that's how much this touched me.
Xoxo Jamie