Review for English Assignment

English Assignment

(#) SarahSTARRR 2011-06-12

Thank you for putting this up. I feel like I know her a little bit better now.
I live only just down the road from Glasheen. I'm weird, this little detail makes me feel a little closer to her. We talked a good bit, connecting over our mutual habitance in Cork city but I never knew exactly where she was from.
She would have been doing her leaving cert now and its truely upsetting that she'll never know the joy of sealing up that last exam booklet and saying fuck you to secondary school forever.

Thank you Katherine for putting this up as well as everything else you have put up and for keeping us updated on things. I'm assuming you were in school with her so I wish you good luck with the rest of your exams and what-not. They'll be over before you know it =]