Review for Murder Was The Case They Gave Me

Murder Was The Case They Gave Me

(#) frankisaprincess 2011-06-12

That to be honest scared me alittle...don't get me wrong it was good and I liked it. Also, I know this is fanfic so you can do whatever but, I just think it might have been alittle better if the roles were switched. I say this because in reality Gerard would be more likly to kill for a living that Frankie would. I think it was weird, which is why I liked it so good job overall.

Author's response

Well, I can't remember were this came from but, I don't know. It's just I was listening to LeATHERMOUTH with Frankie's more violent side coming out. I saw this painting of a girl underwater with her hair haloing her and for some reason I thought of Gerard. And then this idea formed, so.
But thank you very much.