Review for Pieces of my mind

Pieces of my mind

(#) fueledbyPanic 2011-06-13

That was beautiful! The House On Mango Street was a pretty weird book... didn't she get raped at one point? Anyway, I agree with Three Cheers being the best album. Well actually it's tied with Bullets for first place on my list. And yeah playing an electric without a pick? Ouch. As you can see I tend to ramble.

Author's response

haha, yeah, the first time I read the book (in 6th grd) I didn't like it at was better the second time. Yeah, for be too it's tied between Bullets and revenge XD. Every time I listen to bullets I think 'actually I think Bullets is my favorite' but then when I listen to Revenge it's like 'nevermind...Revenge is my favorite...' Well, my favorite song is Give Em Hell, Kid, so I guess that's what tips the scale in favor of Revenge XD

*'yeah for be too' is supposed to read 'yeah, for me too' :S