Review for Disenchant These Stars

Disenchant These Stars

(#) killjoy4life 2011-06-13

i was flipping through page after page looking for an interesting fic and then i read the bio for this one.i love vampires to death and MCR even more.the two combined =my happy place.then i looked at the facts about this storie,1.there is only one chapter, havent updated since december(!!!!!!!!!!), happieness dissapeared.i really do like your storie and i really do hope that you can keep going on seems that you have given up on it and i really hope you havent cuz it rocks!AND MABEY IT'LL TURN OUT TO BE A FREARD?????????(PLZ OH GOD,PLZ!)so i hope this trigers sumthing in your brain that screams "Write the next hackin chapter!!!!!"oh and im sorry this was so long but it needed be said.PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ WRITE THE NEXT CHATER!?!?!?!?!