Review for ***AUDITIONS:D***


(#) MikeyWaysGirl 2011-06-15

Who you wanna be:
If its a free space can I please be Mikey's girlfriend? I'll like love you forever but if its taken thats fine :)
Age: Same as MIkey XD
Name: Heather
style: not sure i guess you could say rock chick?
favourite place to shop: HMV (if you haven't heard of its a music store)
appearance: black hair tinted blue when the light hits it,startling light blue eyes, neither fat nor thin, red lips and pale white skin. Doesn't wear much make-up but wears black eyeliner a lot.
likes: Misfits, AC/DC, Avenged Sevenfold, Guns N Roses, Rolling Stones, Iron Maiden, Aerosmith, Red Hot Chilli peppers... Mikey Way, A lot ;D
dislikes: stereotypes, modern music, girls with bleach blonde hair and orange faces, ofensive homophobic comments and being left alone.
Personality: can be quite clingy (but can be a good thing) easily love struck, quite intelligent, quite shy towards boys but very enthusiastic towards close friends like Gerard ,quite funny.
past: doesnt have a good relationship with family. family hates her she's out of the house most of the time and maybe further on in the story she gets kicked out.
talents: plays bass guitar
anything you don't want your character to do? die :')
dying? i would rather not :)
smoke/drink: smokes when stressed but not addicted and drinks but only when others do.
play instrument: yeah bass
anything else? Not really, If Its not possible to be Mikeys girlfriend Franks best friend or Gerards best friend would do if thats okay.
Thanks :)