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Nuts and bolts

(#) andreajp 2011-06-15

Now if I could go and see a circus like that I might be able to sit through it without shitting my pants! I tried to watch cirqice-i ain't even gonna try and spell that shit-olayever. I loved all the acrobats and everything else.........then those motherfucking clowns.... I had my eyes clamped shut and fingers in my ears until that clown part was done.

I did it again -_- sorry, someone should give me a word limit lol.

Anyway I loved this update, everything was incredibly detailed, but not to the point were I skip a paragraph. And for some reason I think I got a lady boner from imagining Frank with a tool belt.....shit keeps getting better and better. I fucking adore you and I can't wait to read the next chapter!

P.S. I

Author's response

Oh dear D: I love the circus, but clowns do kinda suck :/ They're usually just... never funny xD
And ha noo you don't need a word limit, long reviews are the best ;D
Thank youu, I'm glad its not too much detail I can get carried away sometimes xD Frank with a tool belt is hot ;) Hopefully I wont disappoint with the next chapter ;D