Review for AUDITIONS


(#) IsisBane 2011-06-17

Name - BJ (Becca)

Part You Want - Frank's girlfriend... but if you need something else that works too :)

Appearance - I've got short red hair (the color is kinda like Gee's, except a little lighter and more subtle), and really bright blue eyes. I'm sort of tall. I've got a few piercings and two tattoos (snake bites, a rose tattoo on my lower back, 'never forget' on my left wrist.) I like a lot of styles. I'm really into goth and punk clothing.

Personality - I'm a really sweet person, and I try to make people happy as much as I can. I'm a little quiet, but I never ignore someone if they wanna talk. I'll protect my friends with my life, and I don't let anyone bring them down.

Likes - I love anything with chocolate in it. It's my drug.

Dislikes - I don't like people who are extremely preppy. I also have an issue with homophobes.

Something You Want Your Character To Do - I don't care. I'd pretty much do anything (even get in a fist fight with a guy)

Something You Don't Want Your Character To Do - be a preppy bitch? lol :)

Any Habits - I bite my nails a lot. And I crack my joints all the time (like to the point where it can get annoying on certain occasions).

Anything Extra - Nothing that I know of :)