Review for AUDITIONS


(#) AgentKilljoy 2011-06-17

Can I be Gerard's girlfriend?

Fill out this...

Name - Haven Ross

Part You Want - Gerard's Girlfriend (If not Ray.)

Appearance - Really thin. Pale skin with Blue gray eyes. Pitch black hair

Personality - Really nice but quiet. She is a thinker, smart. She does have a temper so try not to get on her bad side. Can be hyper when she is comfortable when around people she trusts. A jokester.

Likes - Drawing. Listening to her ipod, going to a park just to hang out. going out for pizza. Eating candy instead of real food besides Pizza and Sushi. Is addicted to Soda

Dislikes - preps and negative people. mice and rats. school events (if there in school) white bare rooms

Something You Want Your Character To Do - Be close to Ray and Gerard and be protective of Mikey and pull a joke on people with Frank

Something You Don't Want Your Character To Do -

Any Habits - Biting her nails and drinking coffee and she doesn't have coffee she has a habit of carrying coffee flavored candies

Anything Extra - She loves to love at people getting hurt for some reason