Review for AUDITIONS


(#) FrankieXIero 2011-06-17

Name - Jordan Mathers
Part You Want - Someone Who Fancies Mikey =)
If not then just whatever.

Appearance - Straight brown hair just past the shoulders. Around 5’5.
Average build I guess you could say (Not stick thin but not overly chubby) Not too much make-up, if any. No tattoos or piercings but you can change that if you want. Tries to hide in over-sized or baggy clothing.

Personality - Overly conscious about weight. Doesn’t really say much because there isn’t really anyone to listen anyways. Stays inside her own head and is shy around everyone.

Likes - Reading. Listening to music. Doing homework while listening to music
Dislikes - Looking at her own reflection. Mushrooms.

Something You Want Your Character To Do - Talk to Mikey =)
Something You Don't Want Your Character To Do - Nothing really. Kill her off for all I care :P She’s fictional anyways.

Any Habits - Wraps her arms around herself, looks down and doesn’t meet peoples eyes when talking to them. Picks her food apart and barely eats it.
Anything Extra - Not that I can think of.