Review for AUDITIONS


(#) lolhai 2011-06-17

Name - Sam Haner
Part You Want - Anything you need me for
Appearance - About 5'6, wears glasses, shortish dark brown hair that's a little over chin length in front and less than half an inch in the back
Personality - I'm actually pretty morbid with things I joke about but I'm harmless, I try to be nice to people and I'm really comfortable in any situation
Likes - Animals, dark humour, torture movies, horror
Dislikes - Math, needles, staple guns
Something You Want Your Character To Do - Be in a relationship
Something You Don't Want Your Character To Do - Be good at art
Any Habits - I always cross my arms in front of me in a defensive manner when I talk to people
Anything Extra - I SUCK ASS at art, I own two horses (Frank and Bill)