Review for I need BestFriends for Alicia's Story! AUDITIONS! ANYONE WELCOME!

I need BestFriends for Alicia's Story! AUDITIONS! ANYONE WELCOME!

(#) xxXLadyOfSorrowsXxx 2011-06-17

i'll be a best friend for anyone.
what do you need?(:

name: Riley Henderson

age: anything's a-okay with me. im making this a teenager, but if you need a child, just reply or message me or somfin.

appearance: tall (5'8'') and thin. has jet black hair that falls just past shoulders and is really choppy snd layered. fringe that sweeps just over eyelashes on left eye. long lashes, pouty pink lips, and vibrant blue almost teal eyes. almost porcelain pale skin that blushes alot-she's easy to read. diamond monroe piercing.

clothes: band tees, cut up shirts/hoodies, beanies, jeans, black dresses, bows in hair, converse that she constantly draws on, doc martens, vans, oversized tees, shortsm you get the picture(:

personality: not too shy, but not the hyper, outgoing one. sarcastic, witty, and caring. she isn't afraid to do something, talk to someone, introduce herself, etc (she doesn't care what people think) but don't think she's just, /super in-your-face outgoing/. she gets scared easily. she's a drummer but wants to learn bass or electric guitar-she can't decide. very disorganized and messy. kinda cautious-she'll ride the ride but not jump to it. she's very very sweet, kind and funny. hides her emotions and keeps things bottled up. she does cry, but only when she's by herself. will stand up for herself and hates the label 'emo'. not one to get easily offended. rebellious and doesn't believe in rules. never fangirls, she's very respectful. always has a sketchbook, comic book, i-pod and camera with her-she's very creative.

Likes: harry potter, roadtrips, barbeques, halloween, horror movies, comic books, amusement parks, monster, chubby things, aquariums, romantic things, making memories, photography, talking about bands, eating lots and lots of sushi, learning, going for pizza at 3 AM, take-out, guitar hero, videogames, long car rides, cuddling(xD), watching people draw, eating jellybeans, making cookies, icecream cones in summer, going for walks, laughing, concerts, being backstage, holding hands, metal music, headbanging, living life to the fullest

Dislikes: sharks, vomit, spiderwebs, worms, flies, when people are depressed, attention seekers, over dramatics, sob stories, sappiness, all the -isms, when people care about their appearance, slow walkers, vegetables, stereotypes, fangirls, idiots, politics, hate, tans, getting forced to do /anything/, fishing, bad smells, when people pass gas, bats, when people try to get her to open up about her feelings (she always gives in though)

i think you get it. i hope i didn't bombard you with info. i hope i get in, but even if i don't i'll still read. injury, rape, all that stuff is cool with me. good luck with your story! xx