Review for auditions!!! :D

auditions!!! :D

(#) weezer-rule 2011-06-19

name: Jasmine Moore

gender: Female

physical description: I'm 5'4, have seriously curly brown hair. brown eyes and I'm mixed ethnicity (meaning my mums whites and my dads black so I'm somewhwere in the middle)

family: My younger brother chris (has an afro) and my mum (blonde with blue eyes)my dad doesn't visit because he lives really far away

personality:Quiet with strangers but actually talk a load of rubbish if I know you. Loves to have fun but a bit lazy. mostly a loner but love my friends.

music they like to listen to: Green Day, Nirvana, Weezer, Slipknot etc

things they hate: racists homophobes etc, pop music, confrontation and frogs and clowns

things they love: horror movies, my friends, comics, music, bass guitar

I'd like to be paired with Patrick Stump or Brendon Urie (preferably Patrick)

I play bass guitar.