Review for auditions!!! :D

auditions!!! :D

(#) DestructionBattery 2011-06-19

name: Emily Williams

gender: Well if you did not notice it at the name im a girl :P

physical description: So far as body wise shes curvy and in between skinny and chubby but NOT fat. Black/brown hair and Green/hazel eyes. Shes also Italian,American and French.

family (like do sisters or mom visit and stuff): She has 3 older brothers one actually goes to the school and is verry protective he's name is Marc and he's 18 years old and is somewhere in betweem jock and outcast so he's 'normal' i guess, her other brothers Derek and Toby who are twins and is 21 years old in collage now. Her mom Christina and dad Jhon e-mails her alot and calls every other day/night, she has a dog an english bulldog named Harry after Harry Potter.

personality: Emily is a energetic person and can be shy sometimes it she doesent know the person she is talking to really but when she knows that person she's not so shy it i put it that way. She's addicted to coffe and loves art and to paint and stuff and music too! can be witty in certain situations...

music they like to listen to (keep in mind fob and p!atd will just be like high school bands in here..): My chemical romance, Fob,P!ATD, Mindless self indugence,Iron Maiden, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Simple plan, Paramore, Muse, Eminem, B.o.B and Lady gaga.

things they hate: Ignorant people, Homophobes,early mornings, when its too hot outside or too sunny, beeing called fat (wich happens once in a while) and Spiders.

things they love: Friends and family, Coffee, Art, Drawing/Painting, Singing and Playing guitar, hanging out ith friends at a coffee place, free period at school. warm beds at morning and so early mornings, her dog Harry, Boyfriend (im gonna get to that) and trying to dance but fact is Emily cant dance to save ehr life...

and if you want who they should be dating you can chose a band member or make another person up): Dating Frank Iero of My chemical romance (please!) Or Pete Wentz of FOB... but preferably Frank.

and anything tht you think tht will help my story: uhm relationship wise if you picked me whould be intresting if like Pete was intrested in Emily but did not know she is dating Frank so uuhm either my chem goes to the school or they are rockstars... And her brother does not approve of her relationships cause he doessent wanna see her get hurt.

And thats all, im intrested for the turn out of this :)