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(#) XxxFallenAngelXxxx 2011-06-20, name-Toxic Rose (name actually means something. Rose was her younger sisters name) Um, real name (in case needed) Dakota Nyx (Dakota meaning friend or ally and Nyx meaning night)
Age. 19 but can be changed.
special ability. erm, well she can touch someone and know pretty much everything about that one person, like age, name, past,ect.Also, can see, sometimes comunicate with the dead.
ray gun. black with red roses on it that are dripping blood.
erm, anything else incase it help you.
Black and red hair-red on top black shows through from inderneeth. Green eyes, pale tatto of rose on her shoulder balde. clothes are drawn on converse, black and red top with roses and skulls on it, ripped jeans with brightly coloured tights under them and a necklace with a "D" and a "R." on it. (her and her little sister who is dead 1st intitials) She`s a bit morbid, random, hyper, swears when annoyed. Kind but thinks worst of herself. DO NOT GET ON HER BADSIDE. if you do, you WILL die, slowly. Verym loyal, would honnestly die for people if she likes them, even if she doesn`t know them well.Smokes a lot.
so, think thats it, hope I can help. And sorry if you didn`t need all that info-I just find it a bit annoying when soemone doesn`t give you enough info.
good luck with story

Author's response

Thank you, i love your fanfics by the way :]