Review for Nuts and bolts

Nuts and bolts

(#) andreajp 2011-06-21

I wish a had a pet mechanical monkey named Cog :( I loved your description of Maria, especially the part about her red lips that he could kind of see, if it wasn't for the mustache and beard lol. Of course you update when ficwad gives me no rating points! So here my pretend +1 original, I'll give you a real one once I get some. I like Silver, he seems to be the smart ass of the group. Cain kinda creeps me out, it maybe because I know he is a clown or just a creeper in general. Can't wait to read more!

Author's response

I wish I had a pet mechanical monkey too D; But at least I have a pretend rating point :D xD I'm glad you like Silver, but Cain's not that bad, at least he doesn't look like a clown :D And he's not a creeper, he's just... gay ;D
Updates comin' soon :) xo