Review for A Chance Acquaintance

A Chance Acquaintance

(#) FrostedGlass 2006-10-04

Oh man, your diction is wonderful (as opposed to "oh man") and the story just flows from one sentence to the next one. Not only is the form marvelous or rather marvellous - har har - but also the content: I´ve read other fanfics and some of them were cute and all but seemed just a bit absurd, given the fact that the guys are famous and have tons of - excuse me - dime-a-dozen fans. Not so yours. Very exceptional, I envy you for how you set the mood in this chapter.

On a different note, I quite enjoyed your tongue-in-cheek jabs at the US. No-one can do that as amusing and elegantly like the British. ;)

Author's response

I'm kind of marvelling at this responding thing! I only just realised i could do it!....right calm now!

Firstly thank you so much for reviewing, everything you said was so nice. Getting reviews makes my day, especially if i've been at uni all day in boring lectures! I wanted this first chapter to be a starting point for the rest of the story which see's how the meeting affected them both.

Also for the record; sometimes nothing can beat a good "Oh man"! Thank you again!X