Review for Is It Hard Understanding I'm Incomplete?

Is It Hard Understanding I'm Incomplete?

(#) andreajp 2011-06-24

Oh god for this being a "filler" chapter, I have tears in my eyes from all the laughing I did! I love pranks if you ever do anymore prank things again for this story, please for the love of jebus, super glue someone's index finger tips to there nipples, they walk around all pissed because they want to attack you, but they end up looking like retarded chickens. When I did this to my brother on april fools day he was trying to kick me and hit me with his elbows...... Then I closed the door on him. The nice way to get them unglued is warm soapy water, not so nice, I think you know, you better be a fast runner. Herp derp I always write to much in these lol.

Author's response

Wow, I so have to try that prank on my brothers... I love reading your reviews, they make me laugh so much :') Thanks! Xoxo