Review for American Girl.

American Girl.

(#) Heymimusic 2011-06-27

It's okay if it's short , an update is an update nonetheless :) and yes , I was also reading the other story you mentioned . I thought the same thing at first, but I can kind of see some differences . Try not to worry about it, but if you still are, then try to message the writer . Back to this story, yeah , Gerard was a dick when he said that . Thank god Lyn-Z put him in his place ! Update when you have time and you don't feel pressured ! :D

Author's response

Yeah; I'm not worried, it's just if the author did get her ideas from American Girl it would of been nice of her to at least say something about it...
Anyway, yeah Gerard is acting a bit weirdly around them all now. And I've always had the feeling Lyn-Z wears the pants in their relationship, (no offence Gee;D)
But I'm working on another update now:D