Review for American Girl.

American Girl.

(#) DisenchantedEnding 2011-06-27

Oh wow, I'm so sorry. I have responded to you, if you'd like to look. It explains everything. :)
I just promise you I didn't copy, I'm on this other site and someone copied my main story line. I confronted them and they admitted.. So I was alright after that, but.. :)

Anyway, I'm kind of glad about the accusations, because I wouldn't have found this story otherwise. I'm completely addicted to it since yesterday, haha. I really liked this chapter, it was good of Lyn-z to put Gerard back in line. XD xo

Author's response

it's perfectly fine, I understand that people tend to think in very similar ways; but having continued to read your story I found some interesting twists that couldn't of possibly thought of so; well done:-)

and thank you:3 and yeah; Lyn-Z totally wears the pants in their marriage:-)