Review for "You'll never fit in much, kid."

"You'll never fit in much, kid."

(#) xXDeathwishXx 2011-06-27

Wow,an awesome chapter!
And one of the things that makes this story so good is that you don't rush into Frerardyness on like your 3rd chapter,and then for the rest of the story just make them kiss etc..
ANYWAY,you are a fantastic author. :D
And I hope you find a computer when you're in Wales then. (: x

Author's response

Thank you so much! yeah, I try not to rush into the freardyness, cause I think it's more realistic that way...or for my stories anyway :)
aww, thank you so much! it means a lot to hear that :D
same here...I'll try my best! xD
thanks for reviewing :)

CosmicZombie xo