Review for "You'll never fit in much, kid."

"You'll never fit in much, kid."

(#) comatosejoyx 2011-06-27

You use the word russet to describe thing a lot. Like /a lot/. Not only in this story either.

Gerard had a strange way of thinking but I guess it's just a psychological thing...he's not really alone.

Author's response

Yeah, I think almost all writers have words they overuse a little...though I'm sure I only used it like, a couple of times in this chapter. are you getting it confused with rusty? I used that quite a lot in this chapter..
Psychological thing?
Um, Gerard kinda IS alone now...maybe not as much as he thinks he is (cause he exaggerates things a little) but Bee's with Mikey and Frank's left him, so yeah, at this point in the story, Gerard actually is alone...apart from the voices in his head...jokes lol xD
anyway, thanks for reviewing :)

CosmicZombie xo