Review for Auditions


(#) decaygirl13 2011-07-02

Name: Vera (Last name unknown)
Name: Vera Vanity
Eye Color: Light brown. Wears contacts.
Hair Color: Natural hair color is brown with light brown strands. Dyed hair is auburn red.
Personality: Vera is loyal and courageous. When nervous or upset she bites her names. Doesn't let people she what she truly feels. Can be soft spoken at times.
Background: Vera Vanity is a hot headed girl. Was always made fun of and accused by others of being vain (She never saw herself as beautiful or pretty) .So she become very sheltered of her emotions. She does what she wants when she wants. Its hard for her to let people in because she has been hurt many times. When it comes to fighting she has taken Kickboxing and Tai kwon do. She's a fan of music and is a pianist herself and a Singer. Reads in spare time.
Outfit: A black faded leather jacket, ripped up white v-neck, red faded and ripped skinny jeans, black fingerless gloves, and black combat boots with studs on the sides.
Weapons: Two red and black rayguns which I keep in a holster on either side of my hip, and knives included in the tip of my combat boots.
*You can change or add anything you like :)

Author's response

Thank you so much! I won't change a thing!