Review for Auditions


(#) RestlessStars 2011-07-02

Name: Michelle (goes by middle name)

Name: Radical Reverie

Age : 21

Eye Color: dark brown

Hair Color: shoulder length, layered, black cherry color with side fringe dyed neon blue.

Personality: Mad scientist, plots ideas alot. Quiet, but deadly. Very intelligent. An observer. Able to adapt well to new environments. Sneaky. Snarky. When she does speak, she can be condescending sometimes. Not afraid to speak up when something is wrong.

Background: Grew up with her father where she was very close to him. Mother died giving birth to her. Often blamed herself for killing her mother. Father who was also a scientist, she inherited his intelligence. When she was 16 her father went missing. People said he was murdered but she believes BL/Ind has him captive. She's very sensitive to the issue and determined to get him back.

Outfit: black leather pants, ankle boots with chains,

Author's response

Wicked cool!
Thank you so much!