Review for Harry Potter and the New Powers

Harry Potter and the New Powers

(#) theblackadder 2011-07-13

okay where do i start clearing up the train wreck?
1. "But she started it " ... face-palm weather you write Snape good or evil ( or better still instead of writing him as some cliche devil or angel , write like a realistic person with a traumatic past and horrible personality because of it ) there is no fucking reason in the world for you to make him have the mind of a fucking two year old.
2.So Merlin just appears of of thin air does he and Harry suddenly becomes god does he , despite being a ( as someone hit the nail on the head earlier i'll use their phrase) "crying whiny emo bitch.
3Oh the cliche's .. they burn- so suddenly without explanation , it is revealed that Dumbledore , once again without explanation why the hell , has hidden some massive fucking fortune and a house which the potters could have hidden from Voldemort in.Furthermore , when harry gets a weapon ( which has no use whatsoever in a combat situation ) it just so happens he shoots so much lightning out his arse and is so goddamn Amazing that the weapons on the wall have a epileptic fit and get stuck together to reveal one of the greatest cliche's of all time.

Have you seen special poetry slam on you tube? Because if you haven't search it up.I think you may be related to one of them.

Please for the sake of the earth
, get the fuck out of writing

.Apologies for bad spelling and grammar , I was blinded by the mist of cliches.