Review for Famous Last Words

Famous Last Words

(#) Syphiel 2011-07-17

I absolutely love your writing. I first read most of your stories on but then I couldn't find any of them again. I'm so glad to find these stories and their amazing author. I can't wait for more of this story.

Author's response

Wow! Thank you! They started life here and I've only posted a few MCR stories on FanWorks (they're still there, but there are more here. All my FOB ones are on FanWorks too, though some are here (under the name areyounormal).

Anyway, I'm really flattered by your words and will, of course, try to live up to your expectations! Reviews make me always want to work harder to make the stories good for people. I mean, I do try to anyway, but it's especially important if I know people are enjoying them.

Thanks again!
Sas x