Review for Don't Stop If I Fall And Don't Look Back

Don't Stop If I Fall And Don't Look Back

(#) KobraKid 2011-07-18

Oh! I forgot to mention!! Yes I saw the new Harry Potter!! It was awesome!!! I saw it at midnight and then again on Saturday and I may go see it again tomorrow! Haha I'm slightly obsessed! I sound like a total HP geek but hey I'm not denying it! :). Didn't you think it was so sad when Harry watched Snape's memories in the pensive (I think I spelled that wrong)? He was good the whole time, just misunderstood. :). Well, I think I've rambled enough. :). What are your thoughts on the film? :)



Author's response

i absolutely loved it. i saw it on Saturday and it was packed. i'm a total HP geek as well i mean i've had heated debates about spells, charms and horcruxes :3 i almost cried at that scene in the pensieve, i really like the complexity of Snape's character but i think the saddest moment was when (for anyone who is reading this and hasn't seen the new HP i'm warning you SPOILER) they realized Harry was in fact alive and George turned round saying starting to say ''Fred'' but he was gone. THAT made me shed a tear. brilliant film though, i plan on seeing it a couple more times.

p.s- how awkward was Voldemort and Draco's hug O_O it was more awkward than Mikey's knees.