Review for Stars Made of Fire

Stars Made of Fire

(#) PartyPoison 2011-07-19

It sounds like your drawings are really good, and if they are anything like your writing I bet they are. I definitely dislike drawing hands, the fingers are never in proportion! Wish I knew how to draw your style, then I would never have to draw hands or noses. That would definitely be amazing.

Although that sounds amusing you are right, I do not get it.
Photography always seemed fascinating but sometimes I find myself thinking it's just really weird. The fact that we can save one moment forever and hold it in our hands. To look back and see how things were for just that one second. It's just... strange. Make-up artist sounds interesting, to work with models or actors would be really intimidating though.
I haven't seen a lot of horror movies but they do look like they would be enjoyable.
Sucks that you aren't sleeping but I wont complain a lot because I do like the fact that you are updating frequently. Although I do hope that things become less stressful for you. Thanks for the patience, means a lot really. I am sorry I didn't review last chapter! I feel bad about that.
I agree with Brendon, no one should be allowed to hit Ryan! I liked the description of the creature, it was very interesting. Brendon was amusing when he was complaining, it seems a lot like him. Is it the Weasely's? I swear it has to be and if I am wrong then I have no idea what other family has red-headed twins. I am looking forward to everyone eating marshmallows and drinking.