Review for More auditions?

More auditions?

(#) RyanCyanideKiller 2011-07-19

I have three

name: Leslie Johnston

age- 17 but feel free to change!

personality: Fairly shy, sensitive, cries easily, gets confused easily, very attached to people he loves, warms up to people quickly

looks like: 5'2, naturally dark red hair, dark green eyes, skin that doesn't tan or freckle, VERY skinny (looks like he's anorexic but he's not), usually wears baggy clothing and old tennis shoes

likes: Animals (especially horses), fog, eating, giving people nicknames, hanging out with people

dislikes: Homophobes, being called 'adorable'

something you don`t want to happen: Ermmm... do drugs?

something you`d like to happen to your character: Get picked on, a lot.

any hobbies/talents: Riding horses, good with animals

music taste: A little of everything... Favorite bands are Anberlin, MCR, Green Day, Metallica

anything else: Very close with his brother and father

name: Ryan Johnston

age: 17 (feel free to change but has to be the same as Leslie)

personality: Very outgoing and friendly, does get angry easily, compassionate, flirty with guys

looks like: Same as Leslie except Ryan's 5'8, muscular, and covered in scars from burning and cutting. Wears bright colors and Converse

likes: Animals (especially cats and horses), hanging with his brother and boyfriend, helping people

dislikes: Any sort of hate, people picking on his brother

something you don`t want to happen: Erm... Be attracted to girls?

something you`d like to happen to your character: Get in a fight, or more than one

any hobbies/talents: Riding horses, making people feel better

music taste: Will listen to anything, but likes Anberlin, MCR, Muse, Soundgarden, and Rush the best

anything else: Has a boyfriend, Aiden (below)

name: Aiden Ichia

age: 19

personality: LOVES to make people laugh, very flirtacious, does get scared easily, sometimes afraid of Ryan's temper

looks like: About 5'10, average weight, dark brown hair with big blue eyes, t-shirt and jeans kind of guy

likes: Laughter, hanging out with Ryan's family, meeting people, talking to strangers

dislikes: Homophobia, spiders, storms, shopping, the cold

something you don`t want to happen: Up for anything

something you`d like to happen to your character: Be with Ryan?

any hobbies/talents: Pretty good with technology and talking to people he doesn't know

music taste: More of an alternative/punk guy

anything else: Dad is semi abusive to him and his mother, parents are getting a divorce

Hope we helped