Review for More auditions?

More auditions?

(#) midnightblackparade 2011-07-19

name: Megan

age- 15

personality:Emo,funny,shy,bubbly,a hugger,mother of a group,can put someone in hospital for messing with my friends( so i guess protective)

looks:blue eyes,ruby red 'emo' hair, pale face, heavy black eyeliner not to skinny not to fat. 7 piercings in total: vertical scaffolding, first+second = right ear, first+ second the left, snakebites and belly button, wears shorts, band t's, doc martins or sneaker heels and studded belts.

likes:Mikey way, nice guys, guys with piercings, horror,vampires, animals and Coffee

dislikes: snobs, skanks, slappers, people who try to hard, fake people, judgemental bastards, arrogant, SOB's,

something you don`t want to happen:
die,or to be a bitch to anyone on purpose

, something you`d like to happen to your character: end up with mikey,and maybe end up being through the whole story, beat the crap out of anyone that messes with the guys (sorry if i sound demanding))

any hobbies/talents:sing,dance,drums, bass,drawing,

music taste:heavy metal, screamo, rock alternintive

sorry if that was long. but thats Me :D