Review for More auditions?

More auditions?

(#) ilovefrankieieroxx 2011-07-19

Name: Frankie (short for Francessca)
Age: 14 but feel free to change
Personality: Shy around new people otherwise very talkative, hyper, random, funny, very very sick mind (seriously people can't even say way or come around me cause i just burst out laughing), uses sarcasm way (lol) too much
Looks: 5'6, long straight black hair with red bits at the ends, fringe covers one eye all the time, hazel eyes with green tinges, anorexic skinny (but i'm not), chalk white foundation, tons of black eyeliner, nose stud, lip ring, tongue stud, 5 piercings in each ear, "FoREVer" tattooed on left wrist, a guitar on fire on right shoulder, "NJ" on left thumb, "We are the fallen angels" on top of back, "bookworm" like franks, gigantic black angel.wings all.over back, a wedding ring, a gigantic snake all along right leg
Likes: music, playing guitar (the.guitar's REV in memory of him), drawing, reading (espiscally the Harry Potter books i moan at everone who hasn't read them), writing
Dislikes: Homophobes, whores, people ober you shoulder while you're texting, SPIDERS!!!!! (I have a.phobia of them) and chavs
Something you.don't want to happen: for once.i.don't want!!, to be a bitch,
Something you can she be.frank's gf from like the start of the story till the end just so people know he's mine -.-
Hobbies/talents: nearly black belt at tae.kwon do so i can.kick arse, can sing, play guitar and bass and can draw
Music taste: heavy metal/rock/punk/alt/screamo
Anything else: cutter, english and dyselxic

good luck can't wait to read

Rosie :)