Review for More auditions?

More auditions?

(#) Syphiel 2011-07-19

You know me. I love your stories and love being in them because you are incredible.
name: Ronnie (short for veronica)
age-something around mid teens to early twenties? 21
personality: contemplative but quick to anger. Will sit and watch people for hours with very little to say but make fun of her friends and she will rip your eyes out.
looks like (include any piercings/tattos/clothes you wear)jean capri pants, long but tight t-shirts. very short blonde hair and laughing hazel eyes. On the short side so her capris look like jeans that were rolled up. She has a tattoo on her back of a butterfly from the anime Bleach. To remind her of how close to death she has come. She tried to kill herself several times.
likes reading and smoking.
dislikes places she can't smoke and people that make fun of her friends.
something you don`t want to happen, like die. I`m not one for killing people off though so probably don`t have to worry `bout that.: I don't want her to die but everything else is free game.
something you`d like to happen to your character-NO SEX, I`m 14 and will not write it, sorry. Free game. Have fun. I would really like her to be a really close friend of the guys or dating Gerard.
any hobbies/talents: she likes to read and she will write fanfiction because she feels some author's leave out things at the end of the book so she tries to write what happens next. She usually hates how it turns out and tries to not let anyone see them.
music taste: punk metal country classical. Really anything besides rap.
anything else: if she can't smoke a regular cigarette she will suck on a candy one. And she has scars on her wrists from when she tried to kill herself. one on each wrist going around the wrist and one on her right arm going up the vein. She isn't ashamed of them. She was at a bad place in life and isn't there anymore.

Can't wait to read. You're stuff is amazing.