Review for More auditions?

More auditions?

(#) xxXLadyOfSorrowsXxx 2011-07-19

Okay, so i know i audition for like what,all of your fics, but this time, i`m going to audition myself, the way i am, not a character. so here goes nada.
name Lacie Vialana

age-something around mid teens to early twenties? I`m 17 years old. you can change that if you wish

personality: I`m not very shy, but i`m not in your face outgoing. I`m very random and make people laugh alot. I`m always lost in my own thoughts, thinking and imagining things, and painting images in my mind for stories. I love photography. I`m a bit of a daredevil and don`t have many fears. Many of my closest friends are guys. I`m fairly smart and a bit bold. I speak my mind with no boundaries. My mind is 80% song lyrics, I always have a song in my head. Little kids annoy me, however I like to imprint their little minds in a good way. I play softball and guitar hero is my addiction. Art is my weapon. I`m absolutely terrified of moths for some reason, and jelly fish. I try to be different in everyway I can and I never follow the crowd. Ever. I can get bitchy if you push me to that point, and I try to treat people right. I don`t judge, but first impressions are important to me. I fall in love a bit to easily. I ride my bike alot and i always have my i-Pod with me at all times.

looks like (include any piercings/tattos/clothes you wear) I`m tall, like 5'9 and on the slim side. I have fair skin and my cheeks flush easily (my parents used to call me 'Cheeky':p). My hair is naturally black and it still is-i never died it and hope to never get gray hair(i have a fear of getting old). Its between wavy and straight, i really dunno, and it falls just above the middle of my back. My eyes are blue and big. I have what is called 'cupid`s bow' lips and I have a scar from a recent motorcycle crash cutting through my right eyebrow. I have a rod in my right ear, and my ears are stretched to 00 so I usually have in a pair of gauges or tapers much to my parent`s dismay. In my spare time i also do alot of henna artwork on my hands. I tend to wear dark colors. I wear alot of baggy shirts, off the shoulder tops, and shirts with unique backings. I wear band tee`s that i cut so they look like tanktops or whatever i do. I wear either denim, black or dark purple skinny jeans, shorts with fishnets under, and skirts/dresses. My style is a bit hipster, a bit punk, and a bit scene-I change it alot. I live in converse, toms, motorcycle boots and flats.

likes taking pictures, i take pictures of everything, horror movies, amusement parks, chaos, cities, paintball, music, saturday morning cartoons, car rides, my boyfriend(ahaha), Skrillex, Guitar Hero, Playstation, texting, sleeping, eating like a teenage boy, playing music, going to concerts, being at home, raves, take out, shopping, henna, driving, dogs, nighttime, snow,antiques, old tv shows, records, decorating things, playing with action figures, Legos, waffles, reese`s cups, blue powerade, mascara, speaking in different accents, cupcakes, swimming in the ocean, traintracks, graffiti, speaking my mind and standing up for myself.

dislikes: slang, people who type lyk3 dh!s, Bieber,
getting sick, all the isms, sweating, getting woken up, losing, being bored, spinach, jellyfish, people who don`t speak human, rude people, labels, mosquito bites, and awkward silences,

something you don`t want to happen, like die. I`m not one for killing people off though so probably don`t have to worry `bout that. anythings fine!

something you`d like to happen to your character-NO SEX, I`m 14 and will not write it, sorry.
I think maybe a motorcycle accident like what happened to me, being the little idiot i am xD maybe a pairing with Mikey/Gerard? optional. Its yoru fic, so you can use me for whatever:)

any hobbies/talents. Photography, writing and painting are my muses. I`ve been playing bass for 6 years now and hope to be in a band. I like to walk dogs as a summer job and when i`m alone I blast music.

music taste: Many different bands. I love so many of the bands at Warped Tour this year-Asking Alexandria, Attack Attack! The Devil wears prade, etc, I love MCR, Escape the fate, FOB, The Used and so so so much more. I also am into Dubstep and try alot of different bands daily.

anything else: I come from a big crazy, happy Italian family so i know a bit of italian. I don`t know what I wanna do when i grow up, but i keep going. I don`t ever want to grow up. I`m very unorganized. I'm an only child but consider my friend my big brother. And i love Harry Potter.

This is so long, i got a bit carried away. sorry, and you don`t have to use all that info if you choose me for one of your fics.
thanks for considering me! xo