Review for More auditions?

More auditions?

(#) Gerardwayiscute 2011-07-19

Name- Jasmine age-17 personality-shy type of girl but can open up a little once you get to know her, sensitive looks-long strait dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, only ear piercings, wears anything dark colored, no tattos, 5'4, wears a choker around neck, wears wrist bands, skinny, pale likes-vampires, horror movies, thunderstorms, Gerard Way dislikes-needles, bitchy people, sports, hot weather, heights does not want to happen in story-does not want to be a bitch, does not want to be an idiot maximas wants happen-end up being with Gerard close to the middle of story, be a nice person, wants to have a good personality talents-plays piano, sings, drawing, reading, writing, sleeping (lol) music tastes-rock, heavy metal