Review for Three Shadows

Three Shadows

(#) Wallwalker 2005-05-17

I really like this fic, have since I first read it on - there's so much emotion, and very vivid interactions in such a short space. And I like Kasumi in this, and Fuma's line about him not needing to take care of her...
(I do wish I knew why Kage was leaving, though. Sorry if this is an annoying question, but is a follow-up a possibility at some point?)

Author's response

I'm glad you liked it. :) And yeah, you're not the only one who wondered why Kage was leaving. I'd like to know, too.... ._. But, this fic sort of grew out of a drabble, and all I had to work with was the end of the game, where Kage's little epilogue said (if I recall correctly) that by the end of it all, Kage was already gone. So, I knew he'd left, but he's got so little background that I figured it might be another whole story to say WHY he'd left, and I wanted to keep the focus on the three here, if that makes sense. In other words, I didn't know exactly either, and so I just left it where it was. o.o; But yeah, you're right, that's totally a weakness of this story.