Review for Hold your breath, kid!

Hold your breath, kid!

(#) dropthedaggerlaura 2011-07-23

Oh wow honestly I really really love all your work. I don't wanna sound creepy but It's easily the best Frerard story I've read in ages... Took me away into their world, a rare feeling for me. I look forward to any new "Frerards" you may write.

Author's response

awww you literally made me awww for real and now i have a masive grin on my face :D thats reallllly reallly nice to hear, thank youuu sooo much :)
seriously without comments like these i wouldn't be half as good :)
so thank youu soo much for your support it means the world, and i will also be looking forward to hearing more from you :)
and if you like my writing be sure to check out my other stuff :)

LoL I DIDN'T EVEN CHECK WHICH STORY YOU MEANT THEN HAHA xD you serioulsy love this story :O i thought you meant happiness or misery? lol that one is worth reading more than this. THis is only my first and i think you will like my other ones better :) thank you for teh comment though i still really do love yyour support :p