(#) Apocalyto 2011-07-24

Killjoy name: Apocalyto

Real name: Chloe

Age: 17 (you can change if you want, real age is 15)

Gender: Female

Costume: Dark blue skinny jeans, yellow vest, black leather jacket with sign on-radioactive sign with gas mask in the middle-black converses, black sunglasses, black and yellow bandanna around face or actual gask mask, black nails with yellow stripe, yellow eyeshadow and black eyeliner.

Ray gun: Black with sign on.

Looks: Average height and weight, pale, has a few freckles, doesn't tan, long wavy light brown hair and blue eyes.

Personality: Shy, cocky, good with kids, slight insecurity issues, aggressive, hyper sometimes, talkative, but at some points doesn't talk at all to anyone, kind, swears a lot, can be crazy sometimes and is energetic.

Anything else: English, lost her younger brother so she can start to cry at any time about him and loves cookies! And loves motorbikes xD