(#) ZombieSlayer13x 2011-07-24

Oooh i'd love to be in your story!

Killjoy Name: Chemical Corpse

Real Name: Alexandria

Gender: Female

Looks: Short, asian, black "emo" styled hair, chocolate brown eyes, not too skinny not too fat.

Costume: Bright red skinny jeans with chains that criss-cross to for man X in the back, scuffed up converse, graphic tank top, leather jacket w/a sick logo on it (you can make it up), fingerless gloves, bandanna, colorful bracelets, and a small black messenger bag to carry essentials.

Ray gun: Black with intricate designs she hand painted on it.

Personality: funny, sarcastic, smart, loner, loyal, nice to people she likes, artisit, can be a little insensitive, tough.

Anything else: she draws, loves rock/alt/metal music, she was never taught how to properly drive. If you get in the car w/her you're betting your life.