Review for If You're Interested

If You're Interested

(#) ChemicalKissez11 2011-07-24

Real Name - Jo Liam
Killjoy Name - Chemical Kissez (Aha that's my name XD)
Age (No lies!) - 15
Costume - A fitted black jacket with purple and neon green paint splattered on it. My choppy honey hair hangs an inch or two under my chin. Bright purple mask with heart- shaped eyeholes.
War Paint - Tiny green stars under my eyes
Personality - Bright, bubbly, ans sarcastic. Has a short temper, but completely passionate about friends.
Likes - My Chemical Romace, PATD, anything alternative, punk, or metal, nightime, friends, parties, NEON COLORS
Dislikes - BL/ind, obnoxious people, pink, jocks, the word 'emo'
Favorite MCR Song - The Black Parade, I'm Not Okay, The Sharpest Lives.