Review for If You're Interested

If You're Interested

(#) SayThatYouLoveMex 2011-07-24

Real Name (mine) - Janelys Camelo (weird name FTW)
My Character`s name- Lacie, and her last name is confidential.

Killjoy Name - Toxic Memory

She is tall and slim, (about 5'10), with honey brown eyes and always has song lyrics on the insides of her arms. Her hair is light brown, straight with a fringe cutting across her forehead over her right eye. The underneath hair is dyed black, and it falls just to the middle of her back.

Age (No lies!) - I`m 13-She`s any age.
Costume - a pair of denim shorts, with the seams ripped and black pockets coming out through the bottom. fishnets underneath, and black studs on the pockets. a studded belt and black docmartens. has an old blue warped tour shirt with the sleeves cut off so it looks similar to a jersey. has a black and blue dragon pendant, black jelly braceltes, a studded cufff, and a tiny black heart tattooed on her left wrist.

War Paint - A half smiley on right side of mouth

Personality - Expressive, eccentric, outgoing, quick witted, brave, daring, cunning, odd, quick, loud, a little crazy, and puts her friends before herself. An overall nice girl, just a bit rebellious against what she doesn`t believe is right. Impatient and likes to make people smile.

Likes - Tuning out the world with mysic, self expression, nighttime, video games, sour ropes, concerts, art, Batman comics, playing bass guitar, costumes, road trips, guitar hero, chinese take out/sushi, standing out in the crowd, rollerblades, powerade, sleeping in, being lazy, standing up for herself and beliefs, painting, abstract, living in her own little world, dark colors, keeping it ugly, seeing things from a new perspective, tim burton films, and living life to the fullest.

Dislikes - Labels, traitors, today`s society in general, stereo types, hot days, sweat, boats, school, people who hide their true selves, traffic, bugs (they should all go to their own planet:P), liars, people who like to put people down, my social studies teacher, camping, beards, non believers, old people, dolls, and small spaces.

Favorite MCR Song - Thats impossible to say. Every song speaks out to me differently, and have a different meaning, so all of them. They`re my favorite band, and make my favorite music. Its a bit weird, I was into their stuff when i was freaking 7 years old. Imagine that, a 7 year old, independent, music loving girl. Thats what i am, and they have certainly helped me grow up to be a strongerand better person.