Review for If You're Interested

If You're Interested

(#) Vengefulscout 2011-07-25

Real Name - Emily Toye (I know, i hate my last name)

Killjoy Name - Vengeful Scout
Age (No lies!) - 14
Long brown hair,silver-blue eyes, pale skin.

Costume - Black sleeveless tee, dark blue jeans, black converse, black jacket with a red slash across the front

War Paint - two black strips under eyes and red drips on cheeks

Personality - shy, quiet, caring, smart, self- conscious but vengeful, easily offended and sometimes a bit of a downer.

Likes - Rock and metal music, animals, playing the piano, her friends, her family, anime, books and candy

Dislikes - spiders, the dark, people who take the mick out of friends, really hot days, fire, knifes.

Favorite MCR Song - Sing it for japan, , dead, the ghost of you and famous last words

Hope you like!