Review for If You're Interested

If You're Interested

(#) cyanidediamond 2011-07-25

Real Name - Danniella Harman.

Killjoy name- Cyanide Diamond (I get called a Nazi as Cyanide is the pioson Nazi's would use to kill the Jew's and they'd often use crystals or diamonds. but no I am not a nazi, because they are a past equiverlent of a Drac and I am not a drac!! )

Age (No lies!) - 15

Costume - bright blue skinnies with scrapes at knees (also dusty), Faded greenday tee, yellow, red and black leather Jacket (that has my killjoy logo on the the sleeve) bright green gloves (fingerless) and many studed belts and braclets, light purple bandana with a red smile on and a red mask with diamond shaped holes.

War piant - red streeks along cheek bones.

Personality - shy, caring, rebel, you hurt her friends and you're dead, doesn't really know how to stand up for her self and has no self - esteem, helpfull, will do anything to help others, puts others before her self.

likes - Rock, Heavy Metal, Punk, playing her guitar, teaching others how to play guitar, painting (and anything else to do with art), her firends, family, books, COFFEEEE(been drinking it since a very early age, even before I knew about MCR) and cookies and playing in her band.

Dislikes - the dark, Dracs, really cold days, being used, tools, people who think they can mess with her friends and korse.

Favourite MCR song - Teenagers, black parade, deslition row, sing it for japan, famous last words, disenchanted, S/C/A/R/C/R/O/W and vampire money.

there you are (btw my killjoy character is exactly like me.)