Review for If You're Interested

If You're Interested

(#) DeathDefying 2011-07-26

Real Name - Seth Hawlin

Killjoy Name - Living Dead

Age (No lies!) - 17

Costume - A pair of grey jeans and an old nirvana t-shirt with a grey and yellow vest with random pins on the breast pockets. black docmartens with yellow laces and a cuff, along with his lucky pendant. Has a yellow bandana with a black stiched on smile and keeps his raygun in a gun belt.

Tall (about 5'11) and has fair skin, brown messy hair and big brown eyes. Loves to smile.
War Paint - two black stripes on left cheek.

Personality - Brave and caring. He fights for his beliefs and sticks to his morals. Very confident in himself and his fun. A little stubborn and impulsive, and puts others before himself. Hot headed and loud, but a good friend if you need him.

Likes - music, learining new things, keeping watch, breaking in, X-Men comic books, spray paint, ray guns and taking care of his friends
Dislikes - traitors, hate, all the -isms, Dracs, daytime, and people who take pleasure in ruining things.
Favorite MCR Song - Bury Me In Black, My Way Home Is Through You, Demolition Lovers and Our Lady Of Sorrows

hope this helped, and he is just like me in real life(: x