Review for Escape and Return!

Escape and Return!

(#) an0n07 2011-08-01

woot woot. Crawfish boil!!! and you spelled it right! a true southerner!!! I like the voodo Queen avenue. I also like your Old Believer sect. Were you the one that wrote about tabitha (i think) an American old believer that goes to britain to help in the first war and in the second?

Author's response

How else would you spell it? -g- I lived in NO 1991-2006. The theatre, btw , where the ones behind Lakeside Mall (now gone) -- I remember the announcement they always used to make about business groups being able to rent them out for meetings in the mornings.

And yes, I wrote 'To the Rescue' -- the set up for the Old Believers and the NA Confederation come from there. Readers of that story (on this site and Schnoogle) will recognize the three unnamed Old Believer team leaders -two male, ine female - later in the story.